Skylights, Roofing and Gutters

A.M.S. is a leading manufacturer and supplier in South Africa of Fans and Acoustic products for Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning.
Tel: 021 552 1077
Fax: 021 552 2797

  Aqua Gard  
AquaGard are manufacturers and distributors of quality waterproofing products.  Waterproof and decorate your home in one operation. We colour match to meet your requirements, and offer free site advice in the Cape Town area.
Tel: 021 557 6761
Fax: 021 557 1606
  Bee Painters & Fasciaclad  

Give your home a lasting smile with a permenant facelift!
Tel: 021 975 0916
Fax: 021 975 0524

  Bee Painters  
Bee Painters have become specialists in the field of domestic, commercial & industrial painting, waterproofing, floor coatings and small building alterations.
Tel: (021) 424 3565
Fax: (021) 422 1281

  Eagle Lighting  
As a direct importer of light fittings to South Africa we are able to maintain a competitive edge over other retail opposition as we are able to offer our clients the benefit of our direct importing without “The Middleman” profit.
Tel: 021 424 4071
Fax: 021 424 7449
  Longspan Gutters cc.  
Longspan Gutters, a well known family concern established in 1980, is one of the most reputable guttering companies in South Africa.
+27 21 556 8522
Fax: +27 21 556 8520
  H Meyer Restoration  
High pressure roof cleaning
Fungal treatment
2 Coats of Plascon Nuroof
Roof repairs & waterproofing
Tel: 880 0868
Cell: 082 554 7392
  Sundowner Skylights  
Our unique design of Tubular Skylight captures natural sunlight even on overcast or short winter days by reflecting sunlight down a highly reflective aluminium tube and into your home. A night light can also be installed inside the tube to illuminate your room at night.
Tel: (021) 910 1441
Cell: 082 452 3730
  Chris Willemse Painters  
High pressure roof cleaning
Fungal treatment
2 Coats plascon Nuroof
Industrial, flats &Domestic
Tel: 021 983 3268
Cell: 028 316 2041
  African Reed  
Adding ambience to your living space... The natural way!
Cell: 082 896 9712
  Creative Thatching  
Specialists in design and all aspects of thatching
Tel: 021 556 0932
Established in 1982, Solara is a leading supplier of attractive, quality home and patio products to the South African market.
Tel: 021 447 6243
Fax: 021 447 6295

  Liquid Waterproofing  
Liquid Sealing operates as a specialist company and is able to deal with all civil engineering and mining water leakages of all types derived from a uniquely experienced background of the toughest engineering environments.
Tel: 021 887 1857
Fax: 021 887 7695

  Trademark Roofing & Waterproofing  
Concrete decks, Balconies, Basements, Retaining walls, Concrete roofs, Flat roofs, Walkways, Patios,
Tel: 021 788 7612
Fax: 082 658 1330

  Eco Insulation  
Developed to the highest specifications:
- Fire Resistant - Unattractive to rodents and insects - Has proved its long term resistance to both wet and dry rot. - Non Toxic, non-irritant & non-allergenic - No Asbestos or glass fibre
Tel: 021 555 3766
Fax: 021 555 3776
Cannot flake, rust, rot or crack and never needs painting. What more can we say? Except that every Duraclad installation is backed by a 10 year guarantee.
Tel: 021 534 1133
Fax: 021 534 6789
  Tromp's Restoration  
Roof and wall painters, spray coaters
Proven results at very competitive rates.
Tel: 021 671 8821
Cell: 082 333 3971
  Thatch Reed Ceilings  
Our product is unique, natural and beautiful! You can now create your own with an African flare, but without the expense of contracting expensive thatching companies?
Tel: 021 551 3343
Fax: 021 551 3342
  Vikon Valiant Skylite  
We do:
Overall Size of Glazing, Daylight Area, Dome Glazing, Pyramid, Apex height, Splayed Upstand, Controlled Ventilators, Light Transmissions, Finished Roof Size
Tel: 021 706 1708
Tel: 0861 112 740 Nationwide

  Gutter Brush  
The solution to blocked gutters
Tel: 021 788 8850
Cell: 082 324 9011
Our craftsmen have been carefully selected making us one of the stronger market competitors producing the highest quality of workmanship. We work with the industry's top architects, project managers and builders to ensure a high quality product and professional service.
Tel: 021 982 1234
  Thatch Right  
Quality roofs
Thathc repairs
Latte enclosures
Tel: 084 766 4655
Aluminium ceilings
Style, feature, low maintenance, new dimension
Tel: 021 552 2100
The Solatube natural lighting system captures the sun's light with a unique Solar reflector inside a high impact acrylic dome.
Tel: 021 447 - 6243
Fax: 021 447 - 6295

  Advanced Roofing Solutions  
All season roofing repairs
2year guarantee on workmanship
Tel: 021 555 2034
Fax: 021 552 2901
Opening roof
Summer shade, winter sun, waterproof, ventilation, motorised, non-corrosive, solar powered, remote controlled, 10 year guarantee
Tel: 021 703 3004/5
  Loft Ladders  
Loft Ladders have developed, a simple answer to your problem. Their team of specialists install the unique foldaway ladder and convert your unused roof area into a valuable storage and usable space in just one day.
Cell: 083 283 9784

  Lucas Quality Thatchers  
Established in 1980, Lucas Quality Thatchers is today recognised as a premier international thatching company.
Tel: 021 919 8397
Fax: 021 919 8606
  Hyper aluminium guttering  
Frame your oicture perfect home with aluminium gutter systems.
Tel: 021 948 0379
Fax: 021 948 9330
  Master waterproofing  
Touch on applications, balconies, rising damp problems, shower lining, gutters re-lined, roof gardens, window and joint sealing, sub-soil waterproofing.
Tel: 021 559 2554
Cell: 082 3005511

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