Pools and Spa's

  Superior Spa & Bath  
Superior Spa & Bathis dedicated to the manufacture of quality spas and jetted baths, we invest much time and funding into Research and Development programsandcontinuously upgrade products to keep up with an ever changing market.
Tel: 021 551 0890
Fax: 021 551 0893
Pool surface will always remain smooth
Usage of expensive pool Chemicals reduced
Less wear and tear on your Automatic Pool Cleaner
Ideal surface for Salt Water type Chlorination
Tel: 012 993 2828
Fax: 012 993 2828
  Avanti Spa's  
Avanti Spas has been in existence since 1990 and has the benefit of over 30 years experience within its management levels. Avanti Spas and hydromassage jacuzzis are built using materials that have been used and tested throughout time to give you the end user spas and jacuzzis that is built with Quality...
Tel: 021 948 3514
Fax: 021 949 3242
  Just Pools  
We offer a wide range of fibreglass pools.
We install your pool with pride that will leave you with the satisfaction and confidence of a job well done and after sales services second to none.
Tel: 021 551 7489
Cell: 0083 493 9590
  EPC Fibre Pools  
EPC Fibre is one of the Cape's premier pool companies, specialising in pool repairs and relining, as well as installing Fibreglass pools.
Tel: 021 982 8782
Tel: 021 982 8314
  Sauna Steam Spa  
Custom built spas
Portable spas
Steam baths & splash pools
Tel:021 905 3718
Fax: 021 905 3719

Fibreglass linings
Marble Plaster
Tel: 021 981 9578
Cell: 082 559 1616

  Mr Cape Pool  
15 years experience
we look at the complete design.
Allow our design team to sketch complete layouts to ensure you have a spectacular result !
Tel: 021 761 0231
Fax: 021 797 0328

Aqua-Net the pool safety net specialist, was established in 1972. Over the last 30 years , the company has grown from strength to strength, becoming the largest manufacturer and installer of safety nets and covers nationally.
Cape Town:
Tel: 021 552 8686
Fax: 021 552 0780
  Pools Masters  
Fibre glass pools
Splash pools
Custom Pools
Cell: 073 380 1202
  Horizon Pools  
Horizon Pools (PTY) Ltd are manufactured using the best materials and most up to date laminating methods available, to produce a top quality fibreglass pool shell with maximum strength and water resistance.
Tel: 021 534-9010
Fax: 021 535-5192
In the Western Cape we offer a full installation and service facility from our showroom and workshop in Sybrand Park Mowbray.
Tel: 021 696 7930
Fax: 021 696 8306

  North West  
North West Pool services uses the best quality materials and the finest craftmanship available. Our team has over twenty years of experience.
Tel: 021 557 2297
Fax: 021 557 9916
Solar pool heating has brought pleasure to families all around the world for many years.
Tel: 021 949 8243

  Life-Guard Pool Fence  
The Life-Guard Pool Fence is a fully removable, modular fence system that can be installed around most pools and into a variety of surfaces.
Tel: 021 852-8814
Fax: 088 021 852-8814

  Swemco Pools  
Swemco Pools installs high quality fiberglass swimming pools, and also builds pools to customer specifications, with a marble or fiberglass finish.
Tel: 021 981 0076
Fax: 021 981 0073
  Leisure Pools  
Leisure Pools offers you top quality fibreglass swimming pools at affordable prices.
Tel: 021 556 9692
Tel: 0860 534 787

  Tub & Spa  
Manufactures of the highes quality jetted baths and suppliers of acrylics baths.
Tel: 021 905 0105
Fax: 021 905 0107

  Pride Pool Centre  
Pride Pool Centre is dedicated to providing the best quality products and services that will constantly meet the ever changing needs of our valued customers.
Tel: 021 434 3935
Fax: 021 434 8889
  Clear Water Pools  
Clear Water Pools has developed an international reputation for it quality of swimming pool as well as its comitment to its customers.
Tel: 021535 5771

  Target Splash Pools  
Low maintenance - leaving you with more time to relax in the pool.
Pool heating option available.
DIY Kit available - competitive prices.
Tel: 021 933-4113
Fax: 021 932-4141

  Power Plastics  
Powerplastics is a South African manufacturer and supplier of plastic welded products produced in Cape Town and sold nationwide through a comprehensive network of reputable agents and retail outlets.
Tel: 021 703 5880
Fax: 021 703 4864
  MPI Pool covers  
Keep your children safe.
Reduce evaporation and lower all maintenance costs.
Tel: 021 556 4797
Cell: 083 7023600
  Solar Pool Heating  
We import & manufacture Solar Panels, PVC Pipe fittings, Titanium Heatpumps & other pool related products which we supply directly to the public.
Tel: 021 5570298
Fax: 021 5567228
  Pool Heater  
The Pool Heater raises the heat extending your summer.
Tel: 083 8814939
  Pro Leisure Pools  
Reliable service and professional installers
We also do solar panels.
Tel: 021 559 0915
Cell: 082 5709206
  Town and Country Spa Pools  
Manufactures of the Ultimate range of affordable pre-moulded fiberglass pools.
Tel: 021 577 3907
Cell: 082 552 4538
  Marble Rite  
Restore your pool.
From the biggest to the smallest; we do them all professionally.
Tel: 021 551 2817
Cell: 083 7016158
  4 Seasons Pool fiberglass liners  
We specialize in relining of: fiberglass and gunite pools as well as newly built pool water features, Koi ponds, etc.
Tel: 021 939 8492
Cell: 076 501 5184


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